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New Year Special!  80% OFF

Just $19 instead of $99

Expires when timer hits zero!

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Over 20 Years Reputation for Excellence

We have over 20 years experience providing top-quality Marketing Services.  We’re dedicated to customer services and will do our best until you’re 100% satisfied.


We offer new customers 25% discount on all Tax Preparation and filing  services.  Plus 25% off for all financial statements.


Proper preparation of your financial status insures that you get the best deals from financial institutions.


We offer a free complete  NO OBLIGATION inspection of your financial condition, including books and records.

Our Product

Lead Sizzler

Total Marketing Solution

Everything you need to grow your business, and place you way ahead of your competition!


We provide professional, fast and affordable websites that matches your business’s specific needs


We can manage your SEO or PPC campaigns to deliver the best results at the lowest price possible



We provide high-quality videos that help build your brand authority and increase customer engagements

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Can You Guarantee That My City Will Be Available?

Absolutely NOT! Only 1 City Name is available per client. City URL’s are available on a first come basis. When a city name is gone, it’s a done deal.  That is why it is important to act FAST, before your competition gets YourCity.Taxprep.Accountant

You can contact us to reserve a URL, with NO obligation. 

Can I Reserve More Than 1 City Name URL?

YES! It makes great business sense to capture several surrounding areas, as well as the one you are in.

Can the Video be Customized?

We cna brand the video with your name, logo, etc.  The actual core part of the video can sometimes be changed, upon special order.

Are Other Videos Different From the One in the Demo Available?

As a matter of fact, we have many core videos, in every style imaginable. Real actors & actresses, doodle style, cartoon animation.  We have them all! Plus, they are all brandable with your information.

What about the Images of the Staff?

These are sample images, and MUST be swapped with your actual staff photos. If you currently don’t have photos, we can just leave them out for now, substituting name and description. Or we can just delete the entire section, if you prefer.

Same for the testimonials.

Can I use the Lead Sizzler System with my own URL Instead of TaxPrep.Accountant?

Yes!  You can use it instead of , or in addition to.



We have been supplying companies with innovative Internet Marketing Products since 1999.




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